Injection moulding services

We offer tailor-made services to our customers. We are able to carry out complex orders. Our own tool room enables us to manufacture injection moulds on our own and to execute production of final products using injectors in a fast manner. We can also carry out dedicated, unique orders (such as production of a single batch of a given part). If you value professional approach and experience – contact us.

From design to batch production

We offer comprehensive cooperation – from the design, through manufacture of injection moulds, to batch production of plastic details. Our production management process enables us to achieve final products of the highest quality. Our effort is focused on process optimization in order to provide our Customers with high-quality craftsmanship, timeliness and affordable price.

Customer-provided moulds

We carry out orders using customer-provided moulds. We ensure 100% confidentiality and security of all technical details and products.

Hot and cold runner injection moulds

We design both hot and cold runner injection moulds. This enables us to approach our orders in a flexible manner.

Small-batch production, small batches

Our production management system is flexible and allows us to produce short batches of products at moderate cost. With our own facilities, such as the design office and digital CNC machining centres, we are able to produce injection molds and manufacture short batches of products quickly and cost-effectively.

Clamping force

In our injection moulding services we use machinery with clamping force from 40 to 630 tonnes and the maximum shot weight of 3.5 kg.

Quick delivery

We give priority to new orders so they can be delivered as fast as possible. Check us out.
Order plastic injection molding services. Call us or write to us – we will contact you to arrange the details.

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